About Us

Last year, after 16 years of marriage, Founder & CEO of SISTERS Magazine, author and poet Na'ima B. Robert suffered the loss of her husband.


Spurred on by the grief and her desire to help other sisters coping with the pain of such loss, she created My-iddah.com, a site that would provide information, inspiration and guidance on coping with the loss of a spouse.


It became quickly apparent, however, that more than just widows suffer the pain of loss when a marriage comes to an end: divorced women need support as well.


Thus, the idea for adding a branch to My-iddah.com for divorcees was conceived.


We want to offer support and encouragement to women going through the loss and grief that accompanies a spouse's death or divorce - whether by talaq or khul - and to come alongside our sisters with love and compassion, as many of us have gone through it and know the pain all too well.


If you have wisdom to share about the journey through the death of a spouse, divorce, single parenthood, co-parenting with an ex, re-marriage, coping with family and social pressure, as well as religious rulings regarding divorce and widowhood, and all the ins and outs involved, please do connect with us and we'd love to hear and share your stories.

May Allah give us all ease, and purify our efforts for Him alone.

The My-Iddah.com team

“Verily, Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear.” Surah 2:286


iddah (ihd-duh): the waiting period after a woman is bereaved of her husband (4 months and 10 days) or is divorced (3 months for divorce, 1 for annulment). Women are required to continue living in their marital home as usual (but are permitted to leave for work, required errands, etc.) and not permitted to entertain marriage proposals.