6 Ways to Support a Widow

Written by: Asmaa Hussein       Most women dream of growing old with their husbands – […]

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A Time & Place for Everything

Written by: Fatima Asmal   At the end of the day, we are all but human. I […]

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‘Single Muslim Mums’, Organisation for Single Muslim Mothers

Written by: Khurshid Khatib   Marital breakdown is acknowledged to be one of life’s most stressful experiences. […]

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I Still Love My Former In-Laws

Written by: Aneesa Sidat   It’s been a tough week.   Bereavement is difficult, especially when coping […]

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Standing on Your Own Two Feet as a Single Mum

Written by: Annie Ahmad   Going through divorce means you’re no longer a part of a couple […]

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My Best Ramadaans Were Spent As A Single Mum

Written by: Fatima Asmal     As a woman who has been divorced three times, I can […]

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It Took Me 21 Years and 11 Months of Abuse Until I Had This Realization…

Video by: Fatima Omar Khamissa   Every Wednesday at 1pm EST, Fatima Omar Khamissa broadcasts live on […]

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Another Man’s Daughter: The Story of Zaynab bint Abi Salamah

Written by: Zainab Bint Younus     There is a huge stigma in the Muslim community regarding […]

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“Behind Picket Fences”: Review of Hend Hegazi’s Eye-Opening Novel

Review by: Kaighla Um Dayo     It is a rare experience indeed to come across a […]

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Life as a Step-Parent

Written By: Olivia Mounet     (This piece was originally published at MuslimMatters)     How do you […]

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