Video by: Fatima Omar Khamissa




In this eye-opening video, life-coach and survivor of an abusive marriage, Fatima Omar Khamissa, talks with best-selling author and poet, CEO of SISTERS and our Queen Bee, Na’ima b. Robert about tactics to get rid of drama during and after your divorce.





This video was originally posted at SISTERS Magazine.


For 21 years, Fatima Omar Khamissa was a victim of an abusive marriage which destroyed all the hopes and dreams she had for herself.  She took her five children and left that marriage and today, Fatima is the CEO of Spiritual Biz Moms, leading provider of training and coaching for women who feel stuck, frustrated, and tired of living lives without satisfaction, meaning, and progress.

The trauma of abuse, apartheid, and violence was not able to break Fatima’s spirit and as an international best-selling author, Fatima is sharing her message to inspire, motivate, and lead women all over the world to continual growth in both personal and professional life.



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