6 Ways to Support a Widow

Written by: Asmaa Hussein       Most women dream of growing old with their husbands – […]

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SIDDIQAH, a Support for Divorcées and Widows in Nigeria

Written By: Aishah Adams     I have been through divorce. Twice.   I am done trying […]

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Requiem of a Marriage: Struggling With Divorce

Written by: Zainab bint Younus     Divorce is a hard word to say – sometimes it’s […]

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Fiqh Rules on ‘Iddah

From IslamQA.info The ‘iddah of a woman whose husband has died is four months and ten days, […]

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3 Misconceptions about ‘Iddah

Although commonly found in Muslim cultures, the following three rules are NOT authentic rules for the ‘iddah. […]

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What is ‘Iddah?

Written by: Na’ima B. Robert   The literal meaning of Iddah is “to keep count”. In Islamic […]

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Another Man’s Daughter: The Story of Zaynab bint Abi Salamah

Written by: Zainab Bint Younus     There is a huge stigma in the Muslim community regarding […]

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5 Rules of ‘Iddah

From IslamQA.info It is narrated in the hadeeth that a recently widowed woman is not allowed to […]

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8 Ways to Cope with Divorce Through Worship

Written By: Annie Ahmad   This world and everything in it and outside of it is in […]

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Standing on Your Own Two Feet as a Single Mum

Written by: Annie Ahmad   Going through divorce means you’re no longer a part of a couple […]

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